Thursday, January 29, 2015

For The Love Of Pasta❤.....& Farming....& The Ducks That Produce The Eggs For The Pasta

Hello Darlin Dears:)

I am sitting here in the hay watch my ducks forage for the new new spring grass that grows thickly under the winter grass....You see their heads pop up in victory with sprigs of green disappearing into their beaks. They are also spoiled with bits of apples & winter lettuce, which have them running from across the barnyard.....I know that these ladies will waddle their way into their coop at night, & in the morn I will be gifted with a bundle of duck eggs...these gorgeous oblong vessels of gold will be turned into my favorite dish.... Duck Egg Pasta❤

I carry these eggs home & whip them together with a bit of freshly milled flour, olive oil & occasionally beet juice if I am feeling festive❤ I lay out our favorite wood cutting board & let the magic begin.....

Sometimes I make Fettuccine....

At other times, I like making a lovely Rigatoni.....

....& if their just happens to be a few herbs & a delicious cheese in the fridge, I enjoy making a yummy & lovely Ravioli.....

We are getting many duck eggs every day & I am a maiden of pasta as of late....

I want to share this delicious time of year & the treats that come with, with you ❤❤❤

& it helps us achieve our goals at our new farm in Tennessee... Right now we are working on our goal to save up enough for the barn plumbing... it is a 120 year old barn with no pump, & our moo cows & sheep need that delicious water❤

If you love homemade pasta & want to help us out just by eating pasta, please adopt some pasta into your kozy home...

Types of Pasta

Or if you are too far away to pick up pasta, we would very much so appreciate a donation:)

We love you a lot, & we know that you love let's just settle on love winning over your tummy❤

Cheers, Beards & Banjos,


The Farm & Fiddle

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